Flood Defence Ipswich

Product: Topflow SCC 60N/mm2
Client: Suffolk County Council
Main contractor: Volker Stevin
Location: Ipswich
Date of completion: October 2017

The challenge:

Volker Stevin needed a concrete solution that could be placed under the curved framework that would be forming the base of the Coffer Dam on the River Orwell in Ipswich. Due to the nature of the formwork, compacting the concrete could prove extremely difficult with no assurances of air pockets being left in.

Volker Stevin selected Euromix for their capability of providing a suitable solution and their commitment to projects.

The key challenge was to ensure the team could service two large pours at 700m3 and 650m3. With limited access to vibrate the concrete, we also needed a solution that was self compacting. To ensure the success of the pour the team also needed to create suitable conditions in a site where self compacting concrete had previously not been serviced.

The solution:

Topflow concrete. Topflow is a self compacting concrete that can be poured quickly, flowing and spreading effortlessly. This solution also reduced noise and eliminated vibration.

Our technical and commercial team was supported by Chryso, the admixture suppliers, in carrying out initial trials.

Pre-pour team meetings then ensured that everything was in place and Chryso representatives were lined up to ensure that they were also supporting the pour on the day at the plants.

The results

A successful contribution to the £38m Ipswich,flood barrier works. The scheme being designed to protect around 1900 homes and businesses in and around an important economic area containing 400 businesses who are responsible for over 4000 jobs in the town centre.

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