Maine Tower at Harbour Central

Product: Topflow SCC 85N/mm2
Client: Modebest Builders Ltd
Location: Harbour Central, Canary Wharf
Date of completion: December 2016

The challenge:

Modebest Builders wanted a 2m deep, second floor transfer slab in the Maine Tower at their Harbour Central project in Canary Wharf.

The Mix:

Design strength to 85N/mm2.
Due to the 2m depth of the slab our technicians needed to produce a mix that demonstrated low heat qualities and performance that could surpass the client’s strength expectations.

Logistics & Production:

The complexity of the mix design created production challenges. We were required to stock and produce material that was not part of the common package. The project scale also required manufacture solutions to re-stocking issues, reduced batch times and speed of service. The 1350m3 slab was staged in two pours separated by 4 working days.

The solution:

The Euromix technical team developed a self-compacting concrete mix using 20mm limestone and micro silica slurry. Euromix dedicated two ready mix supply plants which underwent adaptations of stock and installation of slurry tanks. Our software provider sequenced the admix lines to the batch panel to remove any manual processes, this helped to reduce the batch time to sub 60 seconds per 2m3 batch.

Re-stocking was overcome through strong preparation and organisation. Dedicated space for on-site slurry trailers reduced lead times on re-stocking microsilica.

Site trials were completed during the mix development to gain data on the mix behaviours, strength development and production worries.

The logistical issues were overcome in the preparation and a constant service to two pumps provided on the day of supply. Pour 1 was complete in 8 hours and pour 2 was complete in 9 hours.

The results

Working collaboratively we achieved an uninterrupted supply of concrete to both pours and perfectly performing 85N/mm2 self compacting concrete with respectable differential temperatures. Both pours were complete in under 9 hours during midweek London traffic congestion.

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