Fibre Reinforced Concrete



Topforce is a fibre reinforced concrete with either macro synthetic or steel fibres. It can be used to eliminate the need for traditional steel reinforcement.

Topforce is not only quicker and easier to place than steel reinforced concrete, it also contributes to the durability and performance of the finished construction.

How it works

Topforce removes the need for crack control fabric reinforcement because it contains specially designed fibres, which are added using the latest batch control technology during the production process.


Faster construction time

Our fibre reinforced concrete offers a typical saving of one man-day per 100m³

Lower construction costs

Using Topforce for floor slabs or hardstandings reduces material and labour costs.

Less disruption

No steel mesh. No waiting around for deliveries. No need for on-site storage. No need for cranes or heavy lifting gear.

Enhanced crack resistance

The fibres within Topforce reinforce the full depth of the slab, reducing the risk of drying shrinkage cracking.

Reduced carbon emissions

The carbon footprint of concrete reinforced with macro synthetic fibres is around 60% lower than that of steel reinforced concrete.

Improved site safety

Reduces the health and safety hazards associated with placing steel mesh and moving reinforcement bars and fabric around site.


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