Early Strength Concrete

Toproc Rapid


Toproc Rapid delivers a range of concretes that provide both rapid setting and high early strength properties . This offers projects increased turnaround and productivity.

Toproc Rapid is as easy to place as conventional concrete and develops high strength soon after pouring. It becomes effective in as little as four hours allowing construction to continue.

A range of ready-formulated Toproc Rapid products are available to meet all different types of strength requirements, with setting times ranging from 4 hours to 48 hours.

How it works

Toproc Rapid’s exceptional early strength gain and rapid setting (4hr) are possible thanks to the technological advances in its formulation.

Following extensive research and development the microstructure of the concrete is optimised at an early age by fine-tuning the growth of the initial hydration process. This provides the all-important workability time without disturbing the mineralisation process through the addition of additives.


Accelerate construction

In relation to the rotation of formwork Toproc Rapid 4hr can double the number of daily rotations for walls, columns, slabs on grade and grade beams, significantly reducing project length.

Bespoke concrete solutions

To offer further cost and value engineering benefits, Toproc Rapid can also be combined with macro fibres to replace A grade crack-control mesh, providing a very robust concrete solution.

More flexible construction schedules

Users can choose the specific time the guaranteed early strength is achieved i.e. 24 hours or 48 hours.

Time saving

Significant time is saved optimising building processes on all construction sites.

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