Architects, designers and engineers around the world are constantly looking for fresh materials that enable them to create structures in new and different ways. The beauty of concrete is that as well as being extremely strong and durable, it is also highly versatile. Toptint, is a range creative concretes that offer both textured and coloured finishes.



Choice of finishes

Toptint is available in an array of colours, patterns and textures helping you achieve everything from the natural look to highly polished aesthetics and prints simulating the look of brick, wood and stone.


Toptint Colour contains an integral colour pigment which is UV stable meaning that the colour will not degrade from natural sunlight.


As we design your mix to suit the application we can ensure that the right solution is used. Depending on the application Toptint can prove to be an easier and quicker to lay product.

Highly durable

Toptint colour is integral to the mix . This makes it a long lasting and frost-resistant solution, requiring little on-going maintenance making it a more sustainable long term solution.

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