Free Flowing Screed

Topflow Screed A


Topflow Screed A made with a unique synthetic anhydrite binder in place of cement is pump applied due to its fluid consistency. This means that it is easier to lay covering areas of up to 2000m2 in a day. It is thinner than conventional screeds making it the natural choice for underfloor heating systems.

Topflow Screed A is perfect for a wide range of applications. Its high thermal conductivity and minimum thickness make it ideal for use with underfloor heating. Furthermore, because it’s free from protein and doesn’t harbour potentially harmful bacteria, it’s also the natural choice for hospitals and care homes.

How it works

Floors are suitable for foot traffic within just 24-48 hours, while drying takes just 40 days, or sooner with force drying (available after only 7 days). Typical drying times are 1mm per day for depths of 40mm and 0.5mm per day for depths above 40mm.


Fast installation

Free flowing Topflow Screed A can be laid in areas of up to 2000m2 in just one day. It is suitable for foot traffic within 24-48 hours while partitions can be erected just seven days after placing.

Flexible choices

New build and renovation work. Unbonded, bonded or floating construction. Residential and commercial. With or without underfloor heating. Whatever the requirement, Topflow Screed A gives you greater project flexibility.

High strength

Stronger than sand cement screed, Topflow Screed A requires no reinforcement and no manual compaction.

Low shrinkage

Topflow Screed A is less prone to shrinkage than sand cement screeds and therefore requires fewer construction joints.

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